Does it matter that our wedding is not in Yorkshire?
No, we are more than happy to travel. Travelling is one of our favourite things to do - why just shoot a wedding when you can spend a day or two in a new city afterwards!

What shall we wear for our pre-wedding shoot?
Wear something you feel lovely in! We have couples who dress very smart and couples who wear their best gym gear! Some people like to use their pre-wedding shoot photos for ‘Save The Date’s’ or to post on their social media channels, so just wear something that makes you feel good!

What happens if We The Kasas cancel?

We are happy to say that in 3 years, we have never cancelled a single wedding. We take care of ourselves in the run up to the big day in order to be on top form. In case of emergency, rest assured we have various contacts to guarantee you would never be left without great wedding photography.

So we are interested, how do we go about booking?
To book We The Kasas, just send us an email, we will then check that your date is available and send back a booking form and an invoice. We ask that 30% of the total amount is paid as a deposit, ensuring this date is secured in our diaries and we cannot book any other weddings on that date. Weekend weddings fill up fast so it’s best to get us booked as soon as you can.

What happens if the weather is bad on our wedding day?
In the UK, you never know what the weather is going to be like on the day. One moment it can be rainy, the next moment it can be sunny with a great big rainbow. Through experience, we are used to shooting in all kinds of weather. Everyone wants a sunny day for their wedding, but cloudy skies also provide excellent atmosphere too - clouds can act as a big soft-box light for everyone to look flawless under!

Do you shoot weddings overseas?
Overseas weddings are one of our favourites! We can work out a variety of options to make We The Kasas as affordable as possible for you. Some of our favourite international wedding shoots have been in Mexico and France!

Got another question? Email us wethekasas@gmail.com

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